Due Consideration Prefacing the Storm

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Hold your tongue and your piece
one must not think about the thought police
consider me your maker
and not your breaker
yarn-haired doll
I pull your red thread
when comes the sunshine
wake before they’re dead
in the rabble roses
they buzzed and bled
you’re tired out there
on that echoing reckoning road
arranged one more time
and you’re bound to …
but no, you hold out
there’s a place in the menagerie
of the Lord
for the empty shepherds
massacring to sacrifice seamless
in the plane site of the dreamless
packaging makes
all the difference
the town crier
is having a face drought
and the assembly line
of grave bound children
seems bound to flout
your routine
and your ritual
you didn’t cut any corners
as in anything habitual
and this old art isn’t learned
in just one lifetime
the generational curse must
consider the sines
Aries brings it home
and your obedience caps the dome
but the old block is running out of chips
we’re bound to go digital bits and blips
duty is calling from the beak of the squid
hold your tongue and your peace
one must not think about the thought police.

Costa Rica Investigating US Anti-Cuban Activism, CIA Torture Report, New Iran-Contra Book, and Much More: FRINFORMSUM 8/28/2014

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Carljohn Veraja:

Jose Rodriguez became employee of Novitis.


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Costa Rica to investigate US anti-Cuban programs that employed Costa Rican citizens. Getty images.
Costa Rica to investigate US anti-Cuban programs that employed Costa Rican citizens. Getty images.

Costa Rica’s director of intelligence, Mariano Figueres, announced that his government will investigate secret US programs that employed Costa Rican citizens in efforts to destabilize the Cuban government. Figueres announced the investigation in response to an August 4, 2014, Associated Press story alleging that USAID employed Costa Rican, Peruvian, and Venezuelan youths to participate in Cuban HIV prevention programs as a cover for US-sponsored anti-Cuban activism. According to interviews, the HIV-prevention ruse was called the “perfect excuse” to recruit political activists.

Jose A. Rodriguez Jr. is the former head of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service  that oversaw the agency's torture program.
Jose A. Rodriguez Jr. is the former head of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service that oversaw the agency’s torture program.

A recent article in the Washington Times laid out the CIA’s first counter-punch to deflect criticism before the release of Senate Intelligence Committee’s scathing report on the agency’s torture program. In the article, “one of…

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The abyss looked
but it did
not understand
it can not take
by science this seed
of light
from my hand.

The Children of Bennett

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A hunting I will go
where they are I know
hi ho a derry o
a hunting I will go,
for the NCS
you’ve committed
a trespass
hi ho a derry o
a hunting I will go.

SPLC Condemns Kerry for Using the “G” Word, ADL Remains Silent about Recent Reptoid Remarks

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Are U N? Ha!
Are U N? Ha!

By Swami Pajami

John “I Tased You Bro” Kerry has started with the “genocide” word, invoking strong condemnations of hate speech from the non-front SPLC, whereas the ADL has remained silent even after David Icke suggested all Jews are reptoids that secrete mind-controlling chemicals through their skin.

In an unrelated story, a dumpster full of dead Arab boys was discovered behind B’nai B’rith International with tooth marks matching John McCain’s.

o hs

Obama beat war drums, marching around the White House until 2 a.m. at which point Michelle Obama insisted he be seized and force medicated so she could inject estrogen in peace.

Does this classify as torture, Mitch?” Obama mysteriously shouted at Michelle before the propofol took effect.

A threat arose against Obama, helping to raise his credibility, but then, sleep.

Meanwhile, Kerry played the bad cop, indicating that ISIS (ISIL) is truly awful, killing far less people in Iraq than we did but in a pertinently genocidal manner, and therefore we need to help out immediately, but not because of any globalist agenda.





Obama Regretted Torture Just in Time for ISIS

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neck made of real butter
neck made of real butter

And we cried out: “Is this one he who has served you well and faithfully?” The Hangman smiled: “It’s a clever scheme to try the strength of the gallows-beam.” — Maurice Ogden, The Hangman

By Swami Pajami

Luckily, Obama recently denounced his own use of torture just before the state run media reported that ISIS also despicably employed waterboarding before upsetting the British government with a poorly acted youtube mini-movie. This despite the Guardian noting that waterboarding was torture back in 2010. Before all of that, Obama was reported as proposing locking up Americans based on government projections alone, back in 2009 when some actual news still leaked out once in a while. This has not occurred at all since the 2012 election except in instances of reporting the weather which is, of course, modified.

The waterboarding explains why the acting was so poor, unlike in Lawrence of Arabia which didn’t employ waterboarding. However, the acting during the 2005 7/7 bombing was stellar. In fact, Tony Blair was convinced by the Saudis that he should just let BAE Systems off the hook by a tap dance performed on an oily floor by King Abdullah. It was crazy.

And suddenly, John “Skull and Bones” Kerry remembered the G word. I wonder why?

It’s a great day to smoke pot. Vote for Farid Khavari.