The Final Position

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Liars in love
truly love
like truthers
in hate
on the planet dust
skimmers skate
with superstrings
singing of anti-gravity
and intricate interconnected messages striking a chord in the souls
of beasts, men, germs, and grass
recover all hope
none shall pass.

News-Press Refuses to Update Story about Sunshine Elementary Acid Frack Rig

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Old Well that News-Press Reported On
New Well at Sunshine Elementary

By Carl-John X Veraja

Recently, I wrote a couple of stories about how a totally new type of oil rig at Sunshine Elementary was being called nothing more than “routine maintenance” and the replacement of a pump.

I find the NBC-2 reporting on this abhorrent and sent an email out to several persons noting that when a well like this was planned in Golden Gate Estates all hell broke loose. Now, they’re putting one up behind an elementary school and no one cares?

The only person who even responded was Sheldon Zoldan, of the News-Press. His response was inadequate, and I pointed out why. I gave Shelton Zoldan a 10 days to respond to this and he has not.

This is not the first time I’ve noticed the local news shirking certain facts. The mainstream media seems to think they own reality to the extent they can disregard a GIANT FRACKING RIG behind an elementary school.

The DEP has also failed to address my concerns.  They only repeated that it was routine maintenance and replacing a pump. Then, I was given some outdated documents.

A writer with WGCU actually said that the “Koch brothers don’t contribute that much” to them.

Oh, geez. The “free press.”

Below is their email and my response–

I replaced the copies of articles Zoldan sent me with links because they said the email contained some proprietary info and I think they meant the articles reprinted therein.


My email from July 18th, 2014

(To Shelton Zoldan)

That’s great.

Now an acid fracking rig is put up.

This is a whole new set of circumstances.

Shouldn’t you see if there are plans for public hearings, water contamination tests, and a citizen review board?

If they are acidizing a mixture of oil and other underground contents with groundwater is eminently possible.

Also, I noticed a water main break occurred yesterday, a day after I visited the well location and no workers were in site.

Apparently, fracking activities can stress out water mains.

Not saying there is a definite link there, but interesting coincidence, at least.

Also, the NBC-2 story was ridiculous. They called this routine maintenance.

Is that some kind of sick joke?

Sheldon Zoltan’s email from earlier that day…


Steve Doane wrote a story that ran on Sunday, May 11 about this oil well near the school. We also ran a response story from DEP May 14 (can’t include).


AG Pam Bondi Keeps Us Guessing

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Pam Bondi Doesn't have to Show You Anything
Pam Bondi Doesn’t have to Show You Anything

By Lou Saboter

It was reported on July 7, 2011 that Pam Bondi amended her financial disclosure forms to make up for a $15,961 gap in liabilities. It was supposed to be due to unintentionally omitted checking account balances.

That was pretty minor compared to what is being intentionally left out now. Bondi’s personal wealth was just reported to have risen over 60 percent since she gained office.

Maybe she’s making the money from collecting fees for public records?

Maybe she got bonuses for these firings?

Maybe eliminating emails got her palms greased?

Maybe she’s become an extension of Rick Scott’s blind trust antics?

Maybe the pro-life crowd threw her a bone?



All Around Death

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A motivational slaughter
killing speech
over the buzzwords
controlled languor
in the booths
drones dropping breadcrumbs
onto starved masses
of fabricated enemies
the Minotaur collects
his rent of white phosphorus
the Age of Miracles and Riddles
what’s black and sounds like a Nazi?
there’s a calm
in the eye of the dollar
and hurricanes open windows
on the basking figures of perdition
from above it simply drops
chemtrail pillows onto the reeking
imagination beneath the slithering
clouds of the beast.

Max Wilbert: The Modern COINTELPRO and How To Fight It

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Originally posted on Deep Green Resistance News Service:

By Max Wilbert / Deep Green Resistance

Despite the seeming popularity of environmental and social justice work in the modern world, we’re not winning. We’re losing. In fact, we’re losing really badly. [1]

Why is that?

One reason is because few popular strategies pose real threats to power. That’s not an accident: the rules of social change have been clearly defined by those in power. Either you play by the rules — rules which don’t allow you to win — or you break free of the rules, and face the consequences.

Play By The Rules, or Raise the Stakes

We all know the rules: you’re allowed to vote for either one capitalist or the other, vote with your dollars,[2] write petitions (you really should sign this one), you can shop at local businesses, you can eat organic food (if you can afford it), and you can do all kinds…

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Larry Aguilar Posts Smoking Gun, Code of Silence Enforced at Mail Room

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Larry Aguilar--District 79 Anti-Fracker
Larry Aguilar–District 79 Anti-Fracker

By Carl-John X Veraja

After a series of suspicious bits of evidence have manifested themselves in the investigation of Larry Aguilar’s case, he has posted to Facebook what appears to be indisputable evidence of malfeasance–a smoking gun.

In the letter below, it is clear that Aguilar’s case was either extremely mishandled, or out and out sabotaged.

Gary Holland sent Aguilar an email which clearly portrayed an entirely different scenario and was used as a pale excuse to exclude Aguilar from the rolls.

Holland’s email:

This email confirms my conversation to you of this morning.  Your qualifying paperwork was delivered by the Tallahassee main post office to the Department of State’s mail clerk at 7:29am today, although the post office in Tallahassee indicated it was “Available for pick up” at 9:49am, June 20th (see the copy of the USPS tracking record at the end of this email.) The mail clerk from the Department of State had picked up the mail from the post office on Friday, June 20th around 7:30am.

This morning I called the mail clerk that Larry Aguilar had previously contacted. Aguilar had only gotten the name David, and David told Aguilar that he was told there was no mail to pick up that day.

David gave me his last  name, Embleton, and told me that his supervisor, Robert Taylor, said he could not discuss the issue of Larry Aguilar.

Robert Taylor passed me along to the PR department. But he was on leave and “in the middle of nowhere” and I couldn’t make out the information.

Maybe I should go straight to the governor and get the scoop?

Larry Aguilar smoking gun



Dan A. Hughes Using Violent “Consulting Firm” on Floridian Public

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Nearly 8 months of flowback later...
Kristin Kremers Graciously Provides Angry Tour Nearly 8 months of flowback later
“Maintain and increase the sabotage that affect the population’s services, particularly the electricity system, that puts blame on the government for assumed inefficiencies and negligence.” - from a document involving David Blackmon’s company

By Lou Saboter

It’s really not surprising David Blackmon and Kristin Kremers are not fond of government regulation of any kind.

Winknews put out a commercial for Dan A. Hughes making them look like victims of an unruly DEP that finally did something only at the behest of several other parties clamoring for action and in the shadow of an approaching election.

Winknews went so far as to make it sound as if water contamination of no kind could have possibly occurred here, noting how oil can be caught, and not what leaked into canals.

Kristen Kremer, in the video, is referring to her own company’s consultant playing semantics with the public, and pinning it on us after this “paid word twister” confused people as to what occurred at Collier-Hogan.

News-Flash Kremer: if you guys were honest and consistent, as you continue to fail to manage, there would have been no confusion. The very fact that you use a spokesperson from an outfit that foments violent revolutions involving decapitation, burning buildings to the ground, and Molotov cocktails. reported that the FTI document quoted above: “writes that violence should also be encouraged and “whenever possible lead to deaths and injuries.”

For the love of Pete, get these people out of Florida right quick.

What a pathological liar Kremers is. That’s all this is. A bunch of lies to set up the public for a money grab through lawyers and their “strategic confuser” David Blackmon, the damage control geek from the creepy NGO FTI Consulting.
Game-Changing Events? Like fomenting violence, death and injuries?

My fear here is that we’re going to have another Coastal Petroleum cleptocratic experience in Florida, hyped up via the cleptomaniacal orchestrations of Rick Scott.

Make no mistake, we’re being set up for grand public monies theft, despite WinkTV’s umbrella of false decency.

Now, of course, you’ve all been fed massive amounts of propaganda about the economic system in Venezuela. Here’s a dose of American economic reality for you.