The Fantasy of Your Enslavement

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An extraterrestrial
in another galaxy
is putting a black cube
into a round hole
and then you get
a toothache…
now do you see
the cage you
dwell in?

The Promise

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Nature will be your undoing
the more fear you put out
the quicker we evolve
the brighter we glow
our light will consume you
darkness shall never know.


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ANd thEy plAy
the UniVerSe OVer
and OvER
WorkINg Out
the KInks
lIke yOu wISh
YOu COUld.

Folded Transmission War

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You are part–..–
of the transmission–..–
the message was received,
–..–you invited them in,
you should be –..–

I Hate When State Media Gets Beheaded and Stuff

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Break me off a piece of that James Foley...
Break me off a piece of that James Foley…

Yes. Beheaded. Don’t watch that. Watching is terrorism.
Off with your head, in fact. Ha. Funny, funny.
Also, don’t laugh. This is tragic shit, man.
What level of simulation are we at, Beaudrillard? I demand answers.
OK, no I don’t. Please don’t HAARP me, BAE Systems.
I will obey.
Big Brother is awesome cakes.

. My lady!

Oh Beautiful for Mind Control

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Oh, beautiful for mind control
for invasive techniques,
for post traumatic stress disorder
brought on by cell tower tweaks,
BAE Systems, BAE Systems,
chemtrails and SBX-1,
till the end of time
you’ll rule our minds
’til Mother Nature is done,
you created HAARP
and Fukushima carp
you triggered massive tsunamis,
you paved the way
for corporate oligarchy
laughing between tees,
BAE Systems, BAE Systems,
the Anti-Christ is near,
good bye nationhood
hello otherworldly brotherhood
get a reptilian discount here…

FGCU Asks for $1700 for Public Records on State Representative Ray Rodrigues

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Ray Rodrigues, District 76, FGCU Budgeting Manager

By Carl-John X Veraja

In response to a request  for records from FGCU, I was asked for $1700 for the cost of not showing me what’s in the records in a process called redaction. This is more than double what Pam Bondi asked for. It is also just an estimate, and charges could be higher depending on how much information they would have to cross out at the cost of $100 an hour.


Ray Rodrigues is up for re-election for District 76, and is FGCU’s Budgeting Manager of Arts and Sciences. His campaign is supported by Big Oil and Big Beer contributors, and his campaign manager was accused of corruption. He sponsored bills that are supported by the fracking industry.

Interestingly, although Rodrigues’ wife, Ruth, is in charge of public records, I received a response from Susan Evans, Vice President and Chief of Staff, who claimed that she handles public records requests. I’d verify this further, but it might cost me many hundreds of dollars.

Susan Evans biographical brief reads:

Susan Evans is the Vice President and Chief of Staff for Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). A member of the University’s 1993 founding team of five employees, Ms. Evans has served as the University Spokesperson since 1993, the Corporate Secretary to the Florida Gulf Coast University Board of Trustees since its establishment in 2001, and as a direct report to Founding President Roy McTarnaghan (1993 – 1999), Interim President Suzanne Richter (1999), Interim President Gene Hemp (1999), President Bill Merwin (1999 – 2007), Interim President Dick Pegnetter (2007), and FGCU President Wilson Bradshaw (2007 – present). In addition, she was the University’s first government relations director and lobbyist from 1993 to 2000, and also held an acting role as the first Senior Woman Administrator (SWA) for FGCU Athletics.

Ms. Evans holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from Stetson University and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from Florida Gulf Coast University.