To Vote or Not to Vote

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If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.  – Emma Goldman

France’s voter turnout was 90%. You couldn’t get 90% of [eligible] Americans to vote if the election were between ‘tits,’ and ‘bigger tits,’ and they were handing out free samples! – Bill Maher

Elections have become a charade, run by the public relations industry. After his 2008 victory, Obama won an award from the industry for the best marketing campaign of the year. Executives were euphoric. In the business press they explained that they had been marketing candidates like other commodities since Ronald Reagan, but 2008 was their greatest achievement and would change the style in corporate boardrooms. The 2012 election is expected to cost $2bn, mostly in corporate funding. Small wonder that Obama is selecting business leaders for top positions. The public is angry and frustrated, but as long as the Muasher principle prevails, that doesn’t matter. – Noam Chomsky

It just doesn’t matter.  It just doesn’t matter.  It just doesn’t matter. – Tripper


As long as everything is under control, what’s the problem?  Well, there isn’t one for the controllers.  And for the controlled, well, their problems are probably of their own making anyway.  You create your reality that we made for you, don’t you know that?

Recently, a socialist was elected in France.  In France, there is a great deal of participation in the democratic process, and resistance to the sort of corporate prefab world that exists in the United States.  They’ve got a better quality of life than us, the arts flourish, food is outstanding and beyond the average Americans comprehension, they eat loads of butter and have fewer heart attacks, and quality healthcare is freely available to all.  All this, and they don’t even consider teaching intelligent design alongside evolution in their schools.   How is this possible when they take far more vacation time than we do?

In the United States, we are fed the impression by our ever-so-responsible media that all of our problems are somehow caused by the workers and the poor.  When the auto industry got into trouble, it wasn’t the fault of the government, or the people who actually ran the auto industry, it was the people employed there who were to blame.  Similarly, when education is in trouble, or when we can’t cover the costs of pension plans for government employees, it’s the employees fault.  It’s not due to changes in the tax structure or federal initiatives, that’s for sure.  Teachers and government workers just have gotten fat feeding off the government trough while the rest of us are hustling to make a buck at the corporate trough where we are forced to compete with workers in third world countries.  The answer isn’t the improve the condition for all employees.  No.  The answer is to take away the “privileges” of workers who are still doing somewhat OK for themselves, and to force welfare mothers to get 2 jobs.  That way, we can continue to cut taxes for the rich so that they can play polo while the country falls to pieces.

The voting public has become either apathetic or cynical, one of these attributes possibly feeding off the other, and it’s hard to say which came first.  However, now that anal sex is an issue we’re all concerned with, this might change.  Recently, Obama flip-flopped and expressed support for gay marriage, although he didn’t delineate how he would play a role in making this come about.  He was immediately granted a rainbow-colored halo by Newsweek, because this was surely a sign of vast enlightenment on his part.  And truly, I’m not arguing against his current position, but it does little to loosen the grip of cynicism on myself, although I am far from apathetic and will be voting for Obama despite my vast distaste for many of his policies.  However, it does give me further reason for supporting him, because Romney wouldn’t even cater to prospects for the national legalization of gay marriage even if he wanted to because his base consists of tea partying, religiot, gun-happy, racist faketriots who think that the founding fathers were tax-hating Jesus freaks who also used the talking snake from Eden as their emblem.  Yes, don’t tread on them, and don’t try to feed them an apple pie that might cause them to be able to see the difference between good and evil, because then they might have to support gay marriage.   In which case, they’d be going against  the big, invisible, magical guy upstairs who makes galaxies and is concerned about anal sex.

It is not novel or unusual to be disheartened with politics in America.  Not at all.  I always vote Democratic but I know I’m being irrational if I think this will reverse several massive trends toward dystopian devastation that are gradually tuning their instruments for what will be a symphony of pure apocalyptic global horror probably within the lifetime of many who could be reading this article.  Voting for a Democrat is basically voting for a slight jog to the left that is still way too far to the right to really do anyone who is already in a lot of trouble much good.  Obama put some tiny bandages on the gaping wounds of a once rather robust American economy that has been systematically butchered for decades.  A little stimulus here, a pinch of regulation there, and, oh, some corporate stooges in the cabinet for balance, who could complain?  It’s like being presented with a statue that’s lost its arms and being told you only don’t hear it clapping because it doesn’t know it’s happy yet.

Such is the endemic disappointment with the two party system that many want Ron Paul, a member of the two party system, to be President.  This guy thinks that civil rights are an invasion of privacy, that pollution is a public service, and that stop signs cause traffic accidents.  I can’t think of a more rational choice than him.

Ultimately, I don’t blame anyone for not voting.  I also don’t blame people who never give money to beggars.  You could be feeding the addiction that put them on the street in the first place.  And by voting, you can be supplementing the opiate of the masses that deludes them into believing this is a country all about freedom and democracy.  Perhaps if everyone stops participating that would force change.  Or perhaps, as in France, greater participation in politics would promote change.  What does seem certain is that a mostly disengaged, apathetic,  and distracted populace isn’t going to encourage Obama to have too many more insights about equality.  And, from what I’ve seen, he needs all the encouragement of this variety he can get.

What good reason can I give to vote for Obama that may strike home for the many?  The Supreme Court, that’s what.  Not only did the Supreme Court place Bush W in office, but it was moved further into Swastikia by him.   The Supreme Court is the least democratic institution of the federal government, where the only way to displace a justice is to get Pat Robertson to pray for him to acquire a brain tumor.  Thanks to a conservative Supreme Court, corporations have more rights than you, money can vote, and Obamacare might get struck down.  What happens when Robertson kills another liberal judge and Romney is President?  Think about it.

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