Write Governor Rick Scott about the DEP


Dear Governor Rick Scott:

I am writing you to include you in an ever widening conversation about environmental concerns of Southwest Florida residents.

I have been covering (via blog) the plans to oil drill in the Everglades region.

I have friends on 24th Ave SW in Golden Gate Estates, where the exploratory well is getting dropped on a Florida panther refuge and over fragile aquifer systems. Your man, Ed Garrett, has evinced a lack of knowledge of or concern for the likely possible contamination of water, which the Big Cypress Swamp Advisory Committee admits as possible. They cited “permanent adverse impact” on the water, sheet flow, on vegatation and wildlife, with “special emphasis” on rare and endangered species of which the Florida panther is but one.


Ed Garrett made blithe comments like Florida was “naturally fracked” while being reluctant to eventually reveal he has an extensive background in contaminated water treatment which will come in handy if drilling plans move ahead.

Furthermore, I am a grad student at FGCU, where you have appointed Blake Gable and Christian Spilker, two guys who lease land to oil companies. However, FGCU’s mission statement says they are committed to “environmental sustainability.”

You have violated their mission statement, and forced students to fund the destruction of their own environment and poisoning of their water.

I have also complained to Pam Bondi because I have been repeatedly rejected, rebuffed, ignored, and asked for money from the Office of Open Government.
Is this standard operating procedure?

Furthermore, your DEP, which you have turned into a rubber stamping agency for oil companies and land developers, has rejected the advice of the Big Cypress Swamp Advisory Committee which you formed, while you are rejected the notion of investigating agencies involved in transactions in foreign realms of which the public has little knowledge (http://www.wctv.tv/news/floridanews/headlines/New-Call-For-Enterprise-Florida-Investigation-247361501.html).

Tammy Hall flew with you to Chile while working for the FBI, I take it. Your partners at the Barron Collier Companies are being sued for 66.5 million dollars by the DOJ. What is coming next before the election? Elections which you famously thwart in anyway you can? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7Kz66-y0Ps).

Now, I see that there is a connection with Saudi Aramco, who are employing people in Jacksonville to create LNG whereas David Mica, who voted for the drilling on said committee, works for people connected with said Saudis.

Also, you and local politicians have gotten direct contributions from Koch Industries to your campaign, and your age-old Frist connections are currently funding Lizbeth Benacquisto.

On top of all that, an FGCU employee, Rep. Ray Rodrigues, has been placed in position to be directly rewarded by your appointments of Barron Collier men to the FGCU Board of Trustees (again Blake Gable and Christian Spilker).

Additionally, Rodrigues’ campaign is managed by Terry Miller, who is advised by the famously corrupt Chuck Quackenbush, who has moved all over the country evading his reputation and now sits in the Lee County Republican Executive Committee.

Terry Miller works for Strategic Advocacy, and admitted they lobby either for Exxon or Aramco in other states. Meanwhile, another employee denied that the website said that “the nation’s largest energy company” was a client, while I repeatedly read it to him. It was soon thereafter changed, but this is public record now at my website.

The icing on the cake is that my professors can’t afford to make paper copies of papers because Ray Rodrigues, who is the budgeting manager of Arts and Sciences, has cut off their paper allotments, while he is paid twice what they are (according to your website that posts University salaries). The university seems hostile to critical thinking members of the humanities department and elsewhere as pertains to budgetary concerns.

Please address these issues immediately in this vital election season.

Thank you,

Carljohn X Veraja
6031 Perthshire Lane
Fort Myers, FL 33908
Nightly Citizen–Creator