Foreign Takeover of Lee County Drilling–the Turkish Connection

Corkscrew and Mid Felda, acquired by Tirion Group

Corkscrew and Mid Felda, acquired by Tirion Group

By Carl-John X Veraja

Mike Cheeseman, whom the News-Press reported was President of Trend Exploration LLC, which applied for the 1360 Oil Permit with DEP, said Hendry Oil Company is in charge of the drilling operations at the Old Corkscrew Plantation well.

“I have some royalty rights,” said Cheeseman, “I have no say so in what they do.”

Cheeseman also said that “Alico” owns the surface rights in the area. They are also receiving a royalty, according to a letter to Steve Spencer of the DEP.

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Mike Cheeseman is planning yet more wells on an “extension of the Corkscrew field” to the west of the 1360 site.

Or is he?

Cheeseman called from Holmes County, Florida, where he said another well was underway that was “more oil than gas.” He said they were “supposed to start drilling tonight.”

This was filed as the 1359 Oil Permit at the DEP.

I asked if it were a vertical or horizontal.

“It’d be vertical,” he said. “This is a shallow well.”

He hesitated.

“We don’t go and give out any information on the well,” said Cheeseman. “It’s strictly a tight hole. We’re not going to give no information.”

He explained that competition from other wildcatters was an issue. He also insisted he doesn’t have final say, but that those who finance the operations do at the Holmes County operation.

Cheeseman didn’t answer directly when asked if fracking were planned at any of the sites.

“Well, anything I can talk about I will,” he said. “But, it’s just, we’ve got such publicity down here in the oil business there in the Collier County that it looks like they’ll do anything.”

He complained that there was an emotional response against Dan A. Hughes using acid fracking.

I asked if it’d be an emotional response for him to not discuss his plans because it could hit him in his wallet.

“Well, I can’t talk about it because I’m not even involved in it,” Cheeseman said, laughing.

Not even involved with it? The permits list Trend Exploration LLC as the operator, and correspondence from Mike Cheeseman and Steve Spencer of the DEP listed Cheeseman as the owner of the oil company. Correspondence as recent as of 5/23/2014.

The Secret Talk :Tirion Group

According to the Florida Division of Corporations, the company listed under Hendry Oil LLC had several name changes.

Cengiz Hancer signed off on them.

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All told there were these companies attached to Cengiz Hancer: Hendry Oil Company LLC, Hendry Petroleum LLC, New Oil Company LLC, and New Oil Company of Florida LLC.

It would appear that Hendry Petroleum LLC is the going name. But why so many names? To confuse investigation?

Cengiz linkedin

Cengiz Hancer is also partner of the Tirion Group, which has an “office” in Cyprus, and is UK based. Their website explains their interest in the Sunniland trend–Southwest Florida.


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So why is Mike Cheeseman being represented as in charge of operations to the DEP?

And who is Cengiz Hancer? Well, here is a recording of him explaining interest in the Corkscrew area, August 2013, with people from Trend Exploration? In it, they wonder why they put up $2.5 million.

In the recording, he discusses horizontal drilling in Lee County, Florida, concerns about environmentalists that could tie things up for years, and the use of explosives for seismic testing.

It seems that other acid fracks occurred from this recording. Listen to 51:00 – 52:00, apparently John Bruynell acid fracked, which produced water.

Cengiz Hancer said Trend Exploration is owned by Gedda Holdings of Sweden. He is himself Turkish.

He also said that Johan Gedda, the President, was a former employee of Shell. He said they worked together. Shell and Saudi Aramco share ownership in Motiva.

The conversation left the impression that extracting oil was going to be drawn out, involve experimental techniques using explosives that could “disrupt the environment”, and that production was uncertain at best.

Is this Mike Cheeseman in this recording? And what exactly was John Bruynell’s end of things.

It seemed things were already heading in the direction of a Turkish takeover of the operations (along with others).

A DEP representative said today that it has not ruled out fracking at the Old Corkscrew Plantation well site.

Baker Hughes is involved with the new drilling permit at the Old Corkscrew Plantation on Corkscrew Road west of the Caracara Prairie Preserve. Baker Hughes’ presence is among several indicators that there may be fracking at Old Corkscrew Plantation here in Lee County.

The Anti-Fracking Movement of Lee County

Should a Turkish concern be allowed to blow up the CREW Preserve to see if “maybe” there is oil?

The Southwest Florida Water Management District has issued concerns about uncapped wells near the 1360 Site.

In Collier county, acid fracking was used at the 20-3H Collier-Hogan or Orangetree well, causing concerns about drinking water contamination after the fact. Those same conditions exist in spades at the Old Corkscrew Plantation, which caused the formation of the Anti-Fracking Movement of Lee County.

Shelby Price, an organizer of the Anti-Fracking Movement of Lee County, explained.

“To help bring awareness to the hazards of fracking in delicate environments and to hopefully help stop our water from becoming contaminated,” she said.

Another participant, Marlene Robinson, also of EPEC, said: “I joined because the people who are supposed to protect us from environmental toxins are greenlighting illegal fracking, and if not for the actions of the people, the malfeasance will continue. Legal, governmental, and environmental fronts are proving ineffective in preventing this travesty. True justice will come from the people of Southwest Florida.”

At the federal level, fracking was exempted from the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, and some dozen other environmental laws back in 2005.

The 17th Florida panther death of 2014 was on Corkscrew Road.


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