Type Rap # 2

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Sped out and spun dried by mock media lies
compartmentalized surprise evading all the eyes
paste up sheep dipped patsies and made up massacres
masses of money hypnotized bloody spectacle-tied
entertrainment cross-minded hate-baited reverse-slated
simulated discourse mated babbling confused
checking out the downward view what’s
with the lights below they seem to spell “fuck you”
must be a side effect of this derring do
diving into the obliteration of new normals
into a cosmic jest of authenticity
what’s this ghetto vibration and white man privilege
PTSD blithering genius MK Ultra victim with a side
of vulpine instincts fangs bared
gonna catch em in broad daylight unaware
gonna catch em and eat them
limbs throat veins gristle
nothing but decorated mazes of office coffins
adorned with your rotten insides
gonna catch em splashes across computer screens
screaming in bars and convulsing in dreams
they all look like game to me
and the game’s afoot that buzzing in
your ear getting louder and softer
and louder and softer it carries
quite a sting.
Let freedom ring

Watch Me–Type Rap #1–Infinite Speech

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When the higher ups
cover up it’s a conspiracy
evidenced don’t be
a silly pup. Your lies,
your smile, your titles,
your suits and ties,
shove them when the sun don’t shine,
your shit stinks just
like that of the old, sick,
trusting patients you deny,
you’re outnumbered
5000 to one best get
a new address and throw out
some more hoaxes
for our guns, NWO nuts
don’t pop off dining cops
and run into Wal-Mart to die,
what happened to the other
suspects at Sandy Hook and why
arrest someone who questioned
an autopsy?
NDAA has made Mockery Media
mandatory and its part
of the Big Apoca-Fix,
all the stories you hear
are fantasies coming off cannibal lips,
get into the paranoid zone
right quick, whatever your think
they thought of it first,
but hope and love are our weapons
that’s how you prepare for the worst,
walk on through, walk on through,
that’s the last thing they think we’ll do,
walk on through, walk on through,
turn them into pavement
and the path to glory
its time to take out the trash
that is their whole story,
free your mind and think
do you think if you think
the right thing you’ll
get the liars to believe you?
Your mind is like a fly
stuck on flypaper glue
they’ll yank off your legs
and let you fly
until they bag you
get them gone,
get them gone,
laws written by psychotics
are totally wrong,
We the People
know what to do,
when we get together
face to face
the impossible is all
that we’ll do,
punching holes
in the Image of the Beast,
the last shall be first
and the most shall be least,
faith without belief
hanging in the garden
of Reverse Eternity
never falling but
always golden
and beyond your reach.
Don’t think I can do it?
A leaf without a tree?
Watch me.

DNA Mummies

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I split your genetic
code and infect
your airwaves
with thoughts
that explode,
all the boxed-in
victims release
their word hordes,
the droning
violence instilling
silence hits
the hay strewn floor,
the beast has no image,
the mirror speaks
the truth, Sodom
fell in love with Gomorrah
and these twin pillars
of salt are the proof.

Free Market

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You have no choice
but to buy misery
and lies the big
fish gets to cut
into the lines
the empathetic
are being thinned
and a rose isn’t
a rose while
the evil only grows
by any other name
the beast would
be the image
of the scuttling
claws across the corexit
coral cities of skeletal
sculpted Gulf of Mexico
hands and knees
kiss the skull
kiss the skull.

Love Demon

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No one has ever learned anything
nothing ever happened
the eggshells Pandora left behind
have serrated bloody shadows
strangers crowd in from derelict dimensions
their stories are delivered
everyday by eyeless newsboys
whose bikes leave red trails
on ticker tape pavement,
Prometheus and Polyphemus
think that a bedroom is an infinite library
and where Epimetheus is at study
no rats ever scurry.