Restoring an Old NSA Article Concering 911

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UPDATE: I found a copy of this article here too.

Here is a truth-out piece on it.

And this.

More and more, a takeover by the intelligence community, using foreign assistance (the Saudis), seems to be behind 9/11 to me.

Deleted? Why? That was pretty interesting, no?
Deleted? Why? That was pretty interesting, no?

Recently, in doing some research about the NSA and Venice Florida, I came across a link to an old Boston Globe article that seemed pretty interesting to me. It details reports of data destruction by the NSA that could have elucidated the true causes of the 911 tragedy.

It had been deleted for some reason.

Luckily, I was able to recover it. Enjoy.

Boston Globe NSA Article

Boston Globe NSA Article 2Boston Globe NSA Article 3Boston Globe NSA Article 4





So, You Thought FEMA Camps Weren’t Real…

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FEMA jobs nightlycitizen

Lots of people think that FEMA camps are either not a big deal or entirely make-believe.

Well, if you don’t believe in them, sign this incredibly popular petition. Make sure to include your actual name and address and where you keep the guns.

But check out the document: FM 3-39.40.

As soon as you begin reading it, it gets rather creepy. You are reminded that there has been a “paradigm shift” from traditional enemy prisoners of war to “broader and more inclusive requirements of detainee operations.”

Well, that’s nice. Everyone loves inclusivity.

It also says in the preface:  “U.S. military prisoner and detainee operations within operational environments (OEs), ranging from major combat operations to humanitarian-assistance missions in support of a host nation (HN) or civil agency. I/R operations are a major subordinate Army tactical task under the sustainment warfighting function”.

So, it could be a humanitarian-assistance operation like, oh, Katrina, or “helping” homeless people?

Whereas I/R  operations have been a possibility for sometime now, hiring appears to have increased during the reign of Obama. However, shifting the blame from Obama to Bush, or vice versa, is a false burden budge. They have both been carriers of the torch of American fascism. Bush helped get enemy combatants and torture into the public consciousness, and Obama hasn’t gotten them out.

In 2009, Rachel Maddow, a liberal, noticed that Obama had decided to take a pole vault over the Constitution with the proposal of prolonged detention. This means, Obama can just lock you for any or no reason forever. That would appear to be effective at keeping you locked up forever for no reason.

In December 2011, Obama signed the NDAA for 2012 that codified such a practice.

In August of 2013, Columbia, South Carolina decided it would ship homeless people out to improve the appearance of the downtown area. They were to be sent to a “far-off” camp where they “couldn’t leave.” (watch video).

Moves such as the above, along with gun control measures, lead many people to assume Obama was making a play at dictator and coming for their guns. This increased gun sales substantially. However, the Republicans blocked these measures, until recently when they approved an increase of millions to fund the National Instant Criminal Background Checks System. This followed on the heels of Elliott Rodger killing several students and then himself in what has become an increasingly familiar story of a person being treated for mentally illness purchasing guns and taking a few people with him into the afterlife or the nothingness.

Interestingly, school shootings and other mass murder rampages have increased almost as much as gun sales in response to Obama’s gun control and other proposals. Along with these shootings go conspiracy theories.

Most of these conspiracy theories go along the lines of the killer being made into a killer with CIA techniques, such as the actually confirmed MK-Ultra program (see The Sleep Room). Theories on how this is pulled off range from the use of federal agents posing as therapists and psychiatrists who push these individuals over the edge, to more elaborate scenarios where the killers are culled from early childhood. A Sandy Hook researcher was actually arrested for asking questions. And a Sandy Hood documentary using footage and camera grabs shows that visually you have to conclude there were at least 3 suspects if not 7.

The Boston Bombing was likewise pointed to by conspiracy theorists as a false flag operation which provided yet another practice run of martial law on a city.

Are these things likely? Well, they don’t sound that way, at first glance. However, some things that don’t sound likely at first glance, like CIA-backed drug running, have been confirmed. So have operations to topple governments and allow corporations to hire private armies to enforce corporate dictum. This doesn’t prove school shootings are part of a CIA operation, just makes it within the realm of ethical consideration on their part.


Decision by Harvard President Indicates Advance of Fascism

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drew faust nightly citizen
Drew Faust, President of Harvard

By Lou Saboter

A university president, with the interesting name of “Faust,” has decided to err on the side of repression of free speech in a recent decision to bully a student group with a ludicrously contradictory statement.

If you read it, you will note that the black mass is attached to “abhorrent,” “affront,” and “flagrantly disrespectful and inflammatory.”

Yeah, so?

After that, the rights of those who agree with her assessment were supported: “we will vigorously protect the right of others to respond—and to address offensive expression with expression of their own.”

You will note she didn’t indicate that those opposed to the Black Mass could possibly be offensive themselves. How can you be offensive to someone who obviously doesn’t respect a religion that used to torture people who didn’t agree with it?

There is something of the whiff of the Inquisition in the statement by Drew Faust.

Add to this her conclusion:

I plan to attend a Eucharistic Holy Hour and Benediction at St. Paul’s Church on our campus on Monday evening in order to join others in reaffirming our respect for the Catholic faith at Harvard and to demonstrate that the most powerful response to offensive speech is not censorship, but reasoned discourse and robust dissent.

And, of course, the “offensive speech” isn’t the expression of the Catholic faith, but the expression of the students. And the “reasoned discourse and robust dissent” is her attending mass.

Shut up, bitch.

Just what is going on at universities? They used to be so liberal. Now, they’re an extension of the churches.

Well, if you review Dr. Laurence Britt’s 14 Points of Fascism, it’s easy to break this down.

Check out Number 2, Number 8, and Number 9 here.

2. Disdain for the importance of human rights (it says clever propaganda, but this propaganda is pretty weak, honestly)

8. Religion and ruling elite tied together

9. Power of corporations protected

Fascist Faust issued a piece of propaganda clearly designed to frighten the students into compliance while appearing to be concerned about the rights of others. Hell, I’d go to a mass if it didn’t make me want to puke thinking about all the molestation cases.

Unfortunately, a casual reading of the Constitution will show that the Bill of Rights has nothing to do with addressing offensive speech by attending a reasoned and rigorous discursive mass. It has to do with allowing free speech.

These students should attend mass dressed up as priests with dummies of young boys attached to the front of their frocks.

Meanwhile, this religion that Drew Faust is so going out of her way to honor is bringing on the destruction of the Earth. In America, there is a high level of climate change denial, despite said climate change being proven rather conclusively by the fact that the troposphere is heating up while the stratosphere is cooling. This denial is fueled in large part by religion.

Why would Faust be interested in fostering climate change denial?

Maybe it’s Harvard’s ties with Big Oil?

Here’s another interesting statement by Dr. Faustus.

I especially enjoyed: we maintain a strong presumption against divesting investment assets for reasons unrelated to the endowment’s financial strength and its ability to advance our academic goals.

Well, to quote the Church Lady, isn’t that special. Screw climate change, we like money. Meanwhile, their “academic goals” appear to be to promote climate change denial. Keeps their portfolio hot.

Big Oil rules the world.

Wake up, America.

There was another article in the Harvard Gazette discussing IQ decline that might serve to enlighten here as well.


Mayor Berry Admits APD has Issues

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APD at protest following murder of homeless camper. Source: Twitter
APD at protest following murder of homeless camper. Source: Twitter

Mayor Berry of Albuquerque has made a request of the DOJ for help in getting the APD under control following a string of incidents, the most recent the killing of a homeless camper recorded by the head cams APD are required to wear.

The victim was James Boyd, 38, who was camping in the Sandia foothills, and had engaged into a 3 hour argument with the police before they decided to deploy force leading to his death.

The reason it was captured on helmet cams was that this was a new requirement put in place due to other alleged instances of brutality.

The incident was followed by a protest in which some minor acts of vandalism were carried out by protestors along with the dispensing of tear gas by police.

A vigil was held yesterday.

A heightened awareness of the plight of the homeless, and the excesses of the police, seems to be among possible positive outcomes to this horrific event.


Stop the DEP from Committing Dereliction of Duty

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Stop the DEP from Committing Dereliction of Duty
Stop the DEP from Committing Dereliction of Duty

I urge all available citizens in the Southwest Florida area to attend this meeting.

This is the angry response to the last DEP hearing. 

(Received from Stonecrab Alliance)

WHAT:      Oppose Oil Drilling Permits at DEP Big Cypress Swamp Committee Meeting and Press Conference on Deadline for EPA Public Comments

WHO:       Stone Crab Alliance, Sierra Club, Conservancy, South Florida Wildlands Association, Clean Water Initiative,  Environment Florida, concerned citizens
WHERE:    Meeting at Collier County Board of Commissioners Boardroom, 3rd Floor, Collier County Government Center, Bldg. F.  3299 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, Florida 34112 and Press Conference on Steps of Collier County Courthouse (same complex, tall bldg. to the SE)
WHEN:     Monday, March 31, Meeting, 10:30am-5:30pm and Press Conference, lunch break mapped out in agenda for above meeting


If it’s legal, it shouldn’t be. Citizens urge state and federal agencies to protect Florida water and Everglades by denying Well No. 22-3H Collier (exploratory) and Well No. 22-5 SWDW (injection).


NAPLES, FL—Monday, March 31, the DEP Big Cypress Swamp Advisory Committee will host a special public meeting at the Collier County Commissioners Boardroom from 10:30am to 5:30pm “to review and consider recommendations for Drilling Permit 1353H”; this is a follow-up to the March 11 meeting and only the second time in decades that this group has reconvened.  Background?  In May Dan A. Hughes, a Texas oil company, applied for drilling permits on a small part of the 115,000-acre parcel they leased for oil exploration in the Big Cypress Swamp watershed, a critical recharge area in the Everglades, only 1000 feet from homes and less than a mile from the principal public water well field for Collier County.[1]  The topic has remained heated because of the possibility of acid and hydraulic fracking, fresh water contamination, health and safety risks, habitat fragmentation, environmental degradation, and hazards to the Everglades Restoration Project.  It’s worth noting that the Sierra Club has over 100,000 signatures on their sign-on letter to the EPA, and Food and Water Watch, 4,000.  Both can be accessed at Stonecrab Alliance @ Facebook.


Inside the meeting, members of the Stone Crab Alliance, Sierra Club, Conservancy of Southwest Florida, South Florida Wildlands Association, Environment Florida, Floridians for Clean Water and others will call on the DEP Big Cypress Swamp Committee to deny the exploratory well permit.


Outside, during the lunch break, groups will call on the U.S. EPA to deny the Class II wastewater injection permit that services the exploratory well—because March 31 is the deadline for EPA public comments.  Groups will converge with signs on the steps of the Collier County Courthouse—the tall building to the SE at the same government complex—for a press conference.  Speakers will highlight the importance of keeping Florida’s water clean and underscore the dangers of Everglades oil drilling and injection wells, especially in the Big Cypress Swamp watershed and because industry is free to use extreme extraction at any step.  They will also discuss next steps.  


The state tells us that once the drilling permit is issued, the Dan A. Hughes Company is free to extract oil anyway they’d like.  They can acidize or hydraulically frack any time and they don’t have to tell us.  They don’t even have to submit a new permit application, only Form 8, because extreme extraction is a workover procedure in Florida.  Hughes may also inject wastewater that contains carcinogenic chemicals, heavy metals, and radioactive materials that no amount of regulation or disclosure can ever make safe.[3]   It’s legal because a loophole, redefined all material from oil and gas drilling as non-hazardous, no matter how dangerous it is.[2] 


So make no mistake, wastewater contains more than just saltwater brine.  As the EPA website confirms, brine also contains “toxic metals and radioactive substances.” 

It’s precisely because these contaminants are so toxic that they have to be injected over 2800 feet into the extremely cavernous Boulder Zone, which is not containing them as securely as industry claims.  EPA records show that the boulder zone lacks a competent confining zone and that injected fluids migrate and surface, especially in Florida’s highly porous and fractured limestone geology.  EPA records also show that steel pipes break and cement casings fail again and again and again—sending toxic materials gurgling to the surface or seeping into aquifers that store drinking water. [4]   The General Accountability Office reported that in scores of cases where Class II injection wells had polluted aquifers, most could not be reclaimed because fixing the damage was “too costly” or “technically infeasible.”  Meaning you can’t clean up an aquifer.


If the risk of a single drill site destroying our drinking water does not warrant a sense of urgency, citizens will ask the DEP and EPA to consider the cumulative impacts.  The drill site is part of 115,000-acre parcel leased for oil exploration.  It includes large portions of the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, Big Cypress National Preserve, Picayune Strand and other sensitive areas.  This is not vacant land.  This is public land in the heart of the Everglades in the midst of the massive 30-year Everglades Restoration Project, a joint federal and state effort that will protect some 2.4 million acres of interconnected wetlands.  It doesn’t get any bigger.  These areas are habitat for more than 60 threatened and endangered species.  They are also vital watersheds that replenish levels in the Preserve and the Everglades and they also fill the aquifers millions of Floridians rely on for drinking water.  Even a minor spill here would be catastrophic to important public lands and underground sources of drinking water and should be more than adequate basis for the DEP and EPA to deny the permits.


Florida is still suffering from the worst oil disaster on record—the BP Oil Spill.  We know accidents happen.  Over time pipes leak.  Injected fluids surface.  And even cement casings fail.  Because it only takes one incident to taint or even ruin a community’s aquifer, drilling and injecting is not in the public interest.


WHAT:      Oppose Oil Drilling Permits at DEP Big Cypress Swamp Committee Meeting and Press Conference on Deadline for EPA Public Comments

WHO:       Stone Crab Alliance, Sierra Club, Conservancy, South Florida Wildlands Association, Clean Water Initiative,  Environment Florida, concerned citizens
WHERE:    Meeting at Collier County Board of Commissioners Boardroom, 3rd Floor, Collier County Government Center, Bldg. F.  3299 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, Florida 34112 and Press Conference on Steps of Collier County Courthouse (same complex, tall bldg. to the SE)
WHEN:     Monday, March 31, Meeting, 10:30am-5:30pm and Press Conference, lunch break mapped out in agenda for above meeting

***VISUALS: Posters/Armbands/Speakers/Oil***



[1] Background? Residents first learned about the proposed drill site when they received a letter from Total Safety asking them for contact information so they could be evacuated in case of an explosion, gas leak or other drilling disaster.  Hundreds attended an informational meeting, May 30, held by Commissioner Nance.  Alarmed by what they heard, citizens attended meetings with Collier Resources, Dan A. Hughes Company, the DEP, commissioners, and legislators—as well as hosted over 30 direct actions—from town hall meeting to pickets to vigils to a march on Governor Rick Scott’s house to a house party for Senator Dwight Bullard who sent an official letter requesting the DEP deny the permit.  The DEP received over 600 public comments and 400 petition signatures, including comments from environmental groups such as South Florida Wildlands Association, Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Food and Water Watch, and Sierra Club.  The DEP hosted a public meeting in Naples, regarding the well and shortly thereafter approved the drilling permits.  Three petitions were submitted to challenge the decision; two are awaiting an administrative decision.  After a letter writing campaign, the U.S. EPA scheduled the March 11 Public Hearing; we expect a decision after public comment closes March 31. 

[2] This means that benzene (a known carcinogen) from the fertilizer industry is considered hazardous, threatening health and underground water supplies, while benzene derived from wells from the oil and gas industry is not because the blanket exemption ignores the actual chemistry of the drilling wastewater. Lustgarten, “Trillion-Gallon Loophole.”  Also, “Oil Gas Exemptions EPA,” ProPublica. 

[3] “Deep Injection Wells: How Drilling Waste is Disposed Underground,” StateImpact Pennsylvannia.

[4] Abrahm Lustgarten, “Wastewater Injection Wells: The Trillion-Gallon Loophole,” The Huffington Post, 20 Sept. 2012.