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True Cthulhian Horror Unfolding at FGCU

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FGCU actually stands for Foreign Government Controlling U
FGCU actually stands for Foreign Government Controlling U

By Lou Saboter

(Warning: this is the insane raving of a man who took Insane Raving 101 and Incoherent Rabble Rousing 6201. You should therefore put it on a level plane with everything the government tells you about anything. Congrats. Read the next warning too, because I’m worried about you, all right.)

Next warning: So what are we doing here? Let me tell you a wonderful, old joke from Communist times. A guy was sent from East Germany to work in Siberia. He knew his mail would be read by censors, so he told his friends: “Let’s establish a code. If a letter you get from me is written in blue ink, it is true what I say. If it is written in red ink, it is false.” After a month, his friends get the first letter. Everything is in blue. It says, this letter: “Everything is wonderful here. Stores are full of good food. Movie theatres show good films from the west. Apartments are large and luxurious. The only thing you cannot buy is red ink.” This is how we live. We have all the freedoms we want. But what we are missing is red ink: the language to articulate our non-freedom. The way we are taught to speak about freedom— war on terror and so on—falsifies freedom. And this is what you are doing here. You are giving all of us red ink. — Slavoj Zizek

After leaks spilling out from the secret gene experiments in the Jackson Labs run underground tunnels of FGCU came to the surface, other whisteblowers have been coming hesitantly forward admitting that they were all privy to a conspiracy that threatens to make all former conspiracies seem like something thought up by a guy who thinks that the word “conspiracy” constitutes hate speech.

Not only are scientists using FGCU as the central piece of a worldwide depopulation agenda that will produce the Morlock slave race that genetically modified reptilians like Governor Rick Scott so strongly desire, but students at FGCU have already been replaced by clones who are completely under the sway of psychotronic mind control technologies which are coordinated by cell phone towers and other cell phone devices with the assistance of Herschel Vinyard of the DEP. Herschel Vinyard is, in actuality, working for the DHS aka BAE Systems and is an expert on the utilization of SBX-1 and HAARP, which was designed and built by BAE Systems, Inc. Furthermore, BAE Systems is a British and Saudi run company that has, with the assistance of the fake President Obama, allowed a silent foreign occupation of the United States to be carried out.

Adding insult, many Professors at FGCU have already had every cell in their bodies replaced by nanomachines, while others are simulants, replicants, androids, cyborgs, or merely intensely brainwashed by MK Ultra techniques which have advanced a great deal since ABC did a broadcast on it in 1979.  The Intelligence Community has gotten so good at mind control they may, in fact, be making me write this article. In order to get the nanomachines into professors, professors were forced to attend Catholic mass and take the eucharist and wash it down with Kool-Aid, both of which contained nano-machines which immediately went to work, much like was depicted in the film Transcendence.

How's the Jesus? A bit dry? Try the Kool-Aid
How’s the Jesus? A bit dry? Try the Kool-Aid

Try the Kool-Aid.

Partially in order to pull this off, the administration of FGCU introduced religion onto the campus. They paid abusive guys with megaphones to scream at women about their sexual habits while simultaneously starting an organization called ARISE in order to stoke up sexual fears and create division between boys and girls.

This was helped out by Blake Gable who, along with Tom Monaghan, CEO of Domino’s non-Pizza, created the simulated, theo-fascist town of Ave Maria, and now they intend to make FGCU an extension of it. In Ave Maria, there is no democracy, but the sprinklers of wastewater run on time. Hail Collier! Blake Gable make an evil pact with Monaghan whereby the Morlock-production lab would be set up conveniently close to a rigidly imposed system of sexual control overseen by the Virgin Mary, a sculpture of whom was created at the cost of millions of dollars.


Notice the Phoenix? That’s right: Illuminati symbol. This is also a clever tactic taught by Edward Bernays whereby you take the revolutionary spirit of the young and divert it from challenging the establishment by couching it in seemingly socially useful programs that are actually means of population control.  The intelligence community has long since infiltrated all advocacy groups and uses issues such as feminism and equal rights in order to distract the population from the surveillance state and the militarization of the police. It can also be used to generate controversy that leads to calls for public action. A poignant example of this sort of operation is presented here.

The effectiveness of this sort of campaign is that anyone who questions its motivations is immediately subject to censure on the grounds of accusations of insensitivity. Despite the fact that FGCU is not an usually violent school, there was actually a call in the News-Press for the word rape to be stricken from the English language.

Meanwhile, in order to quell the anti-establishment possibilities of the male side of the coin, FGCU uses the word “revolution” in its advancement of the Eagles, a sports team of some kind. Young men are pushed into forming secret societies in locker rooms where they discuss strategies, egged on by paid infiltrators, on how to best sneak the word “rape” into conversations thereby further inflaming tensions between co-eds when they are overheard by now tuned-in feminazis. As in some guy, you know, completes a round on some first-person shooter game and says “Dude, you raped that round.” Well, that is illegal now. Off to the FEMA camps with you!

With any luck, this will result in an uptick of campus violence or even a school shooting, which possibilities have been promoted by the Board of Trustees decision to allow guns on campus.

Are the Board of Trustees and the White House secretly working together in a controlled opposition arrangement such as is fostered by the Skull and Bones and was exemplified by the 2004 election where two members of the Skull and Bones ran against each other?

Well, the White House did send this rape stuff down the pipe to begin with.  And Obama has a solution for naughty boys.

How does one set up a school shooting exactly, and why? Well, referring back to the aforementioned ABC mind control clip, it’s generally done with psychiatric techniques, such as could be carried out right on campus at the CAPS center where “troubled” youth are to be directed. One therapist there has very interesting past, and anger management cases are directed to him. Just what does he do with angry young men with a history of seeing therapists and receiving psychiatric treatment such as we see all over the country in mass shooting scenarios? Well, CAPS and other infiltrated mental health departments in corporatized universities all over the country can probably just reel them in and find one that fits the bill, biding their time, as it were.

He is a real American.
He is a real American.

Furthering the disturbing trends evident at FGCU, the recent “suicide” of Robin Williams, engineering by mass hypnosis through the show created by 911 survivor Seth Macfarlane “Family Guy”, well, he was inspired to create Peter Griffin after seeing the first Morlock produced at FGCU, who was also a student.

Most Likely to Win Hearts and Minds of Sheep
Most Likely to Win Hearts and Minds of Sheep

And never mind the Charlie Sheen connection.


Kook is Force Medicated after Demanding Right to Commit Sex Crimes While not Employed by the NSA

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By Lou Saboter

In the proud tradition of our true founding fathers, an errant dissident has been delivered into the loving arms of Big Pharma in order to help remove his thoughts that others said were disturbing their enjoyment of Drone Nightly.

“Thanks to subsidies, the medicating of Lou Saboter and his ilk will improve our profit margins,” said Gene Cassidy, Deputy Commission of the Ministry of Food Drugging. “Plus, he is now on a diet of GMOs and fluoridated water, so his future neighbors won’t have to worry about his outbursts of insight.”

“He also used hate speech,” said Jill Connolly, a neighbor. “Once he said that ex-President Obama took a long time to produce his birth certificate. As if Kenyans are the only ones that take three years to do that.”

Lou Saboter was afflicted with many mental illnesses including birtherism, tentherism, do-gooderitus, trutherictus, and conspiracidus.

“The torment it caused him was atrocious,” said Alec Mortimer, his erstwhile therapist. “He said he felt like he was surrounded by zombie fascists. He even thought that my background in the NSA was somehow suspect.”

After a neighbor noticed that Saboter’s cat seemed a bit flabby, The Ministry of Animals came and determined he had removed his cat’s RFID chip and that it was suffering from gas due to a lack of vaccinations.

After receiving the vaccinations, the cat died due to unknown causes, probably previous neglect.

Saboter was immediately sentenced to Thought Camp where he was given 150 electro-shock treatements, LSD, psilocybin, hydrotherapy, anti-psychotics, antidepressants, anti-dissidents, anti-antis, SOMA, and brain modification programming.

Afterwards, Saboter said he didn’t remember anything except getting his tonsils removed.

“The nurse used to stick me in the butt,” said Saboter. “With lots of needles. It seemed like, you know, too many needles. I know a song. Do you want to hear it?”

Saboter first elicited attention due to this petition he posted on an illegal website.

“He never fit in,” said Fran Saboter, his sister, a telecom executive. “He always had to be different. I was really embarrassed in high school. He used to make fun of me for watching 90210 because he said the problems of rich people were ridiculous. Well, let me tell you something, big brother, rich people have problems too. What if black hoodlums come into my neighborhood?”

“He was weak,” said Stan Stedly, his half-brother. “He couldn’t just put on his game face like everyone else and go along. He had to put stuff out there. And it was all wrong. He thought people should all look out for each other like a bunch of wimps. At the Island, we put people in solitary if they wipe their nose wrong.”

“I tried to beat the state into him,” said Floyd Saboter, his father. “But he thought that the glorious NWO was a police state. He was totally delusional. This is what happens when you try to change something other than yourself. The world is supposed to change you into what it wants, but he didn’t get that.”

“Demons,” said Stalactite Storm, his mother. “He was possessed.”

“Daisy, daisy,” said Lou Saboter. “Watch out for the third monolith. It’s coming.”

At that, Lou Saboter was tasered and dragged back into Thought Camp. Overall, it seemed very hopeful. Many a bad case has learned to be a productive member of society after treatment.

Big Beer Loves Fracking (and Ray Rodrigues)

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Send More Freethought Police
Send More Freethought Police


Oh boy, you’re never going to hear the end of it from conspiracy theorists when scientists say something that sounds utterly impossible.

As a general rule, things don’t end well when you say that this thing that never happened before happened to have happened this time, thanks, that’s all folks!

Oh yeah, and this reporter happened to have happened to report it before it happened.


Oh well, you can’t trust anyone. Especially not yourself. It’s called the age of “universal deceit” for a reason.

Me? I trust Santa Claus.

Exterminate all rational thought, along with Osama bin Laden.

Did you know that Osama bin Laden actually killed Obama and Obama is now simply a reptoid replicant?

I recommend we frack Mars immediately.

Now, drink your fluoride or we will find a reason to arrest you.

Never doublethink on a full bladder. Crest toothpaste produces immunity to cognitive dissonance. Even if you choose to believe what you know isn’t so, it won’t hurt a bit. Because you knew they were up to no good all along, so thank you very much and stop telling us.

Fracking is good for Big Beer. Big Beer is on the Florida Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition for a reason.

No, really.

All of Whom Contributed to Ray Rodrigues' Campaign
Most of Whom Contributed to Ray Rodrigues‘ Campaign



Wikileaks Outs Obama by Mistake

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Barack Obama-Sucka Drank the Kool-Aid Didn't Ya

In a stunning move, Wikileaks made a mistake of monumental proportions, revealing that Obama isn’t the President, and is in fact a Trojan African-American selected by the Illuminati in order to turn the United States into a feeding ground for multinational corporations.

Some are dubious and think Afghan sheep herders are behind it.

“In reality, if someone would send me some drones to help me find my lost sheep,” said Darkanzali Al’boobslim. “I would allow the United States forces to go home. As it is, I need the cheap labor. Also, I recommend the CIA try and keep its drug smuggling activities a bit more low key.”

“If I was Wikileaks,” said Valerie Plame, “it’s what I would have done.”

Apparently, the Taliban reacted by pledging allegiance to Obama. All three of them.

Psyops for Dummies: Southwest Florida

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panther crossing

Gaddis Smith, a history professor at Yale, said, “Yale has influenced the Central Intelligence Agency more than any other university, giving the CIA the atmosphere of a class reunion.”

The recent DEP stunt with the Collier-Hogan well is an excellent example of the psyops used in the war against environmentalists. In this example it is learned helplessness that is being taught. An unpleasantness presents itself, you try to fight it, is it replaced with a still more baffling, enraging unpleasantness.

Psyops is short for psychological operations and involves all means by which the “enemy” is targeted and reduced to a state of helplessness and ineffectualness.

In this case, the trick is to keep the environmentalists uncertain as to whether or not they can trust this or that agency, tactic, or member of their own group. It is also useful for the groups to be at each others’ throats. Infiltrators can amp up the infighting. Even the idea of infiltrators itself can be employed by infiltrators to get group members to fear each other as infiltrators. The mind is a terrible thing.

Apparently, little such enmity exists between the DEP and Dan A. Hughes. Dan A. Hughes broke the law back in December, 2013, and the DEP and the EPA kept it hush hush for them, right through two separate public hearings (even deciding against an advisory committee where the DEP withheld the truth for Dan A. Hughes). The important thing is that the activists keep thinking these devices, all of which are run by corporations, are actually concerned with their well being on any level. Also, Senator Bill Nelson, who is funded by corporations, is, of course, fighting for them. He helped get the deal in place that apparently was no deal at all. Dan A. Hughes is back where they started. They can drill and not frack. That’s how it started, when they fracked. See the problem?

A $25,000 fine basically served as a sort of payment for the DEP keeping their mouths shut long enough to plan the next stage where the environmentalists are baffled with a consent order and a cease operations order that are contradictory. Then, they are fed gibberish to test their tolerance and patience. Since these activists are of the civil disobedience, nonviolent stripe, you can play these games with them until they drink the frackwater willingly to end the torture.

I would have charged at least $50,000 myself. I mean, if you can do a job well, never do it for free.

Another important element is shock. Early moves by Dan A. Hughes show how effective their shock tactics are. It was announced an oil well would be coming to the end of a residential street, right on a panther refuge. Perfect. Even better, send a scary letter to all the residents. Get them all riled up. Now, they have something to vent their rage upon. Drag it out. Get them worn down for the next phases of the mind fuckery. Start doing stuff where they aren’t paying attention. Maybe never drill at the end of the street. That was just dumb anyway.

This is certain to generate some pretty radical opposition even if no such opposition was handy before. These people will be easy to pass off as the usual hippie riffraff the public is so tired of hearing from. What will it be this time? Don’t wear fur? Free the killer whales? Fuel your car with buttermilk? Don’t they know people need jobs? Plus, the shock will make them appear off, hysterical, emotional, perhaps mentally ill.

And then these activists have support systems and people they care about. Maybe some of those people work at places where the Colliers can pull strings to bring them harm? All you need is some people with authority and you can enroll all kinds of people in your harassment and defamation programs. They won’t even know they are working against environmentalism. Don’t believe it? Watch this video.

Also, maybe the target is gay? Or an atheist? Or a socialist? Or conservative, etc? There must be some group at their workplace who doesn’t like these kinds of people. Maybe they like to party? Maybe they pick up prostitutes? There are so many things to work with.

Meddling with protest groups by the government and corporations is nothing new. Corporations and government have always worked together in America, now more than ever. Banks rip off the public, and the public is taxed to bail them out. You get caught with a tiny amount of a psychotropic plant: jail. It used to be called COINTELPRO. It was illegal, but they did it anyway. The rationale was: if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Sound familiar?

Now, they’ve just gotten into a position of being able to do it on a massive scale of eloquence and horror such as was never before imaginable in Nixon’s craziest fever dreams. And the nose-snubbing is an important element of it (quite important in the latest Collier-Hogan stunts).

And what about the media? The oil companies poison the drinking water forever: let’s be objective. Someone wants to live off grid: let’s launch a major investigation, assassinate their character, and wound them so deeply their lives are effectively over.

Welcome to being owned.

Just keep on believing. The public will never believe, or want to believe, just how evil what the environmentalists are fighting is. That would ruin their TV and sense of entitlement at having earned a living being slaves to sociopathic douchebags their whole lives.

Stop being so negative.

Give up.

The Anarchists (Big Oil) Run the World

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“It is not the slumber of reason that engenders monsters, but vigilant and insomniac rationality.”
― Gilles Deleuze

Lou Saboter

The insurance industry and the oil industry can’t agree on which science they will employ to make future decisions about dealing with the disasters that are spreading like the legs of leprous nuns after the Second Coming of Christ as a disembodied penis.

But Monsanto can’t market a disembodied virginal half-god penis and this has sent shockwaves through the .001 Percent. Especially not one with a halo that is the result of the impossibility of forming a consensus on the viability of any transcendental central signification with which to enact a new set of bylaws in every organization currently considered not extant by Cliven Bundy.

“Let me tell you about the african-american,” said Bundy. “The race of the giants and the angels had pretty much settled on Vermont as the perfect location for the next phase of God’s plan for beef patties in order to make gay marriage palatable to the liberal press. But the Vermont plan oddly thrown off, the african-american decided to use the BLM as a ploy whereby to frack the entire undesirable populace. It was part of a secret deal with the Koch brothers. Southwest Florida, which is rife with many undesirables, in the eyes of the .001 Percent, was an excellent target zone.”

Meanwhile, Monsanto has been extolled in the oxymoronic Scientific American despite other nations coming to the opposite conclusion where actual democracy occurs.

“Let me tell you about the scientific community,” said Bundy. “Have you read up on Syngenta, atrazine, and Tyrone Hayes? When the establishment can cause you trouble, deny you grants, paint you as a problem, and even convince those with good intentions they should go after you, you’ve got a serious problem getting out something solidly scientific. Science is systematically suppressed in America. Think I’m lying? Do the research, pal. I’ve been Googling my ass off for years studying this shit. Oh, and while you’re at it, get yourself a gun, at the very least. It’s the same with fracking. The Obama administration knows it isn’t healthy. They put a gag order on the EPA. You don’t play along with Obama’s little all-inclusive strategy for  so-called transitional fuel and you’re out on your ass, buddy. They will peg you as a racist, a nut, a socialist, an anarchist, whatever.”

Bundy paused, shaking his head.

“Let me tell you about the real anarchists: Big Oil,” he said. “They’re the ones getting the world to plummet into a future of mass chaos. Or, you could blame the population. In which case, killing them by poisoning their habitat makes sense, don’t it? Because, how else do you get out of this? The system we are dependent on is slowly killing everything. It will eat you while it eats itself. You will know it thus: it eats.”

Are there other problems you see, oh Wise Bundy?

“Let me tell you about the media,” he said. “The media will ignore or gloss over the sins of the government and Big Oil. Instead, they will practice their investigative and rhetorical skills on those who live off the grid. They will dig up, or make up, whatever they can when it comes to those folks, you can be sure. The more they demonize the marginalized, the less aware you are of the death of net neutrality and the biosphere. Oh, it’s quite the show, all right. But when the chorus line comes out you may get hit in the face with a flying leg.”

Cliven Bundy’s Blog–Is He in the Way?

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Cliven Bundy

By Lou Saboter lou saboter


It turns out Cliven Bundy has been blogging for a couple years about his struggles.

I found this video I hadn’t heard of before on there (bottom). It shows his complete statement. When the entire context of it is considered, he doesn’t sound as violently racist as you may have believed. But he is living in the 19th century, off the grid, and a Mormon by intelligent design. He has a ginormous family, all hale and hearty and full of god, ripe for fighting off the hordes of the tortoise-touting, BLM-ALEC hybrid clepto-statists, with fully legal armaments and mounted too.

This story…it seemed odd how blown up it became, and I was startled by the intensity of feeling some of my liberal friends had toward Mr. Bundy.

I’m pretty liberal (even socialist). However, the so-called liberal wing of our government is often just a bunch of cleptocrats playing on your liberal sensibilities, the way other politicians play on religious sensibilities. And then the so-called liberal media (presstitutes) plays along, leaping into cheap smear campaigns that often disregard the effort to substantiate and build a case.

And the right wing media is worse. But, that should be patently obvious to anyone who reads this blog already. Do I have to paint you a picture of Valerie Plame delivering cocaine for Reagan to Osama bin Laden’s dialysis hashishin party?

Well, I wish I could. But I have no hands. I do this all with Stephen Hawking’s help.

Maybe I’m overly cynical, or paranoid, but it all looks like a crock to me.

Fuck the BLM and their ALEC-embracing ways. What interests are behind getting Bundy out of there? He is the last rancher in the area, is he not?

The smell of minerals, mining, and mercenaries is in the air. I don’t like it.

I recall the fracking near Moab, Utah. I had one of the best days of my life near Moab. The town sucked, but the hiking was amazing. Then, I slept by a river in a canyon and felt free and empty and open to everything. And the ghost of the immemorial MLK spoke Chinese to me through Obama’s teleprompter. It was delicate.

Then come the frackers. Maybe they want to frack in Bundy’s backyard, like they did here in Southwest Florida?

Is he in the way? Are they afraid of all the mutated Mormons and cauliform cattle that will be birthed if they proceed with uranium fracking, enriching themselves astronomically via multinational concerns with kickbacks, skimming, skimping and scheming?

map of uranium mining

Why am I still thinking about a Nevada rancher? Well, sometimes you get insights from routines being played elsewhere.

But I’m still wondering about this one. Is this really just frustrated politicians playing at petty revenge ala Chris Christie and his toll antics?

Reid, McCain, Flake, Franks, Gosar, Salmon, and Schweikert–why must those names slip so easily from the tongue?

A radioactive crossing of party lines?

Are we confused? Ha. The picture forms slowly. Let the links sink in…If the links fail to sink in, use the Sarah Palin-drome anagram generator. This will hurt, said the masochistic doctor to himself.

But, I don’t know the full story, a gestalt builds. I mean, do they need to get rid of Bundy to frack for uranium or whatever it is they are after? Because, they just fracked in my backyard. Maybe this is a different “they” that actually cares about bad press? A smarter “they?”

I freaking doubt it. They’re idiots with power playing with real toy soldiers.

Because, let’s review, in Southwest Florida they decided to start drilling at the end of a street, on a panther refuge, and send the residents a Hallmark card from Hell explaining:

My love for you

is like hydrogen sulfide

and burns like the water

you shall soon imbibe

OK, I forgot how to rhyme for a second.

Anyway, believe nothing you hear and nothing you see. Only believe me. I don’t, but you should.

The corrupt are so twisted they will stab themselves in the back and get you to pay for the surgery with your mom’s social security.

So, the endless game of Twister continues. Don’t touch the green ones.

But still, next time you want to frack a neighborhood, hire me. I wouldn’t do all that doofus crap “they” did. I have the perfect plan to get people to embrace neighborhood fracking and open corruption cleptocracy. It’s hidden in the

(The Ghosts of Christmas Déjà Vu: it’s not like the other boys and girls.)