True Cthulhian Horror Unfolding at FGCU

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FGCU actually stands for Foreign Government Controlling U
FGCU actually stands for Foreign Government Controlling U

By Lou Saboter

(Warning: this is the insane raving of a man who took Insane Raving 101 and Incoherent Rabble Rousing 6201. You should therefore put it on a level plane with everything the government tells you about anything. Congrats. Read the next warning too, because I’m worried about you, all right.)

Next warning: So what are we doing here? Let me tell you a wonderful, old joke from Communist times. A guy was sent from East Germany to work in Siberia. He knew his mail would be read by censors, so he told his friends: “Let’s establish a code. If a letter you get from me is written in blue ink, it is true what I say. If it is written in red ink, it is false.” After a month, his friends get the first letter. Everything is in blue. It says, this letter: “Everything is wonderful here. Stores are full of good food. Movie theatres show good films from the west. Apartments are large and luxurious. The only thing you cannot buy is red ink.” This is how we live. We have all the freedoms we want. But what we are missing is red ink: the language to articulate our non-freedom. The way we are taught to speak about freedom— war on terror and so on—falsifies freedom. And this is what you are doing here. You are giving all of us red ink. — Slavoj Zizek

After leaks spilling out from the secret gene experiments in the Jackson Labs run underground tunnels of FGCU came to the surface, other whisteblowers have been coming hesitantly forward admitting that they were all privy to a conspiracy that threatens to make all former conspiracies seem like something thought up by a guy who thinks that the word “conspiracy” constitutes hate speech.

Not only are scientists using FGCU as the central piece of a worldwide depopulation agenda that will produce the Morlock slave race that genetically modified reptilians like Governor Rick Scott so strongly desire, but students at FGCU have already been replaced by clones who are completely under the sway of psychotronic mind control technologies which are coordinated by cell phone towers and other cell phone devices with the assistance of Herschel Vinyard of the DEP. Herschel Vinyard is, in actuality, working for the DHS aka BAE Systems and is an expert on the utilization of SBX-1 and HAARP, which was designed and built by BAE Systems, Inc. Furthermore, BAE Systems is a British and Saudi run company that has, with the assistance of the fake President Obama, allowed a silent foreign occupation of the United States to be carried out.

Adding insult, many Professors at FGCU have already had every cell in their bodies replaced by nanomachines, while others are simulants, replicants, androids, cyborgs, or merely intensely brainwashed by MK Ultra techniques which have advanced a great deal since ABC did a broadcast on it in 1979.  The Intelligence Community has gotten so good at mind control they may, in fact, be making me write this article. In order to get the nanomachines into professors, professors were forced to attend Catholic mass and take the eucharist and wash it down with Kool-Aid, both of which contained nano-machines which immediately went to work, much like was depicted in the film Transcendence.

How's the Jesus? A bit dry? Try the Kool-Aid
How’s the Jesus? A bit dry? Try the Kool-Aid

Try the Kool-Aid.

Partially in order to pull this off, the administration of FGCU introduced religion onto the campus. They paid abusive guys with megaphones to scream at women about their sexual habits while simultaneously starting an organization called ARISE in order to stoke up sexual fears and create division between boys and girls.

This was helped out by Blake Gable who, along with Tom Monaghan, CEO of Domino’s non-Pizza, created the simulated, theo-fascist town of Ave Maria, and now they intend to make FGCU an extension of it. In Ave Maria, there is no democracy, but the sprinklers of wastewater run on time. Hail Collier! Blake Gable make an evil pact with Monaghan whereby the Morlock-production lab would be set up conveniently close to a rigidly imposed system of sexual control overseen by the Virgin Mary, a sculpture of whom was created at the cost of millions of dollars.


Notice the Phoenix? That’s right: Illuminati symbol. This is also a clever tactic taught by Edward Bernays whereby you take the revolutionary spirit of the young and divert it from challenging the establishment by couching it in seemingly socially useful programs that are actually means of population control.  The intelligence community has long since infiltrated all advocacy groups and uses issues such as feminism and equal rights in order to distract the population from the surveillance state and the militarization of the police. It can also be used to generate controversy that leads to calls for public action. A poignant example of this sort of operation is presented here.

The effectiveness of this sort of campaign is that anyone who questions its motivations is immediately subject to censure on the grounds of accusations of insensitivity. Despite the fact that FGCU is not an usually violent school, there was actually a call in the News-Press for the word rape to be stricken from the English language.

Meanwhile, in order to quell the anti-establishment possibilities of the male side of the coin, FGCU uses the word “revolution” in its advancement of the Eagles, a sports team of some kind. Young men are pushed into forming secret societies in locker rooms where they discuss strategies, egged on by paid infiltrators, on how to best sneak the word “rape” into conversations thereby further inflaming tensions between co-eds when they are overheard by now tuned-in feminazis. As in some guy, you know, completes a round on some first-person shooter game and says “Dude, you raped that round.” Well, that is illegal now. Off to the FEMA camps with you!

With any luck, this will result in an uptick of campus violence or even a school shooting, which possibilities have been promoted by the Board of Trustees decision to allow guns on campus.

Are the Board of Trustees and the White House secretly working together in a controlled opposition arrangement such as is fostered by the Skull and Bones and was exemplified by the 2004 election where two members of the Skull and Bones ran against each other?

Well, the White House did send this rape stuff down the pipe to begin with.  And Obama has a solution for naughty boys.

How does one set up a school shooting exactly, and why? Well, referring back to the aforementioned ABC mind control clip, it’s generally done with psychiatric techniques, such as could be carried out right on campus at the CAPS center where “troubled” youth are to be directed. One therapist there has very interesting past, and anger management cases are directed to him. Just what does he do with angry young men with a history of seeing therapists and receiving psychiatric treatment such as we see all over the country in mass shooting scenarios? Well, CAPS and other infiltrated mental health departments in corporatized universities all over the country can probably just reel them in and find one that fits the bill, biding their time, as it were.

He is a real American.
He is a real American.

Furthering the disturbing trends evident at FGCU, the recent “suicide” of Robin Williams, engineering by mass hypnosis through the show created by 911 survivor Seth Macfarlane “Family Guy”, well, he was inspired to create Peter Griffin after seeing the first Morlock produced at FGCU, who was also a student.

Most Likely to Win Hearts and Minds of Sheep
Most Likely to Win Hearts and Minds of Sheep

And never mind the Charlie Sheen connection.


Ferguson Police State: Brought to You By The Same People Who Brought You 9/11

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michael brown shooting st louis ferguson false flag cut to the truth cut2thetruth cover photo

Over the last few days I’ve finally had a chance to look into the mayhem erupting in Missouri. At the present time there is violence pouring forth on the streets of Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis—the city’s core is being looted, burned, and destroyed. The heavy presence of police at this point is downright scary, and they look no different than the military, which they basically are since the National Guard has been deployed—this being a response to protesters refusing to obey the ordered curfew given to them by Johnny Law the last few nights.

Police sign darren wilson michael brown st louis ferguson missouri moferguson police state army of officers resembles fighters in iraq Bernard-Kerik 911 evader police commissioner of new york cnn expert on what police need martial law michael brown murder

Tear gas, rubber bullets, molotov cocktails, bricks, bottles, and even real bullets have been used in excess to quell the crowds and police against them—almost 40 people were arrested last night alone. The footage we’re being shown makes it look like an all out war going on down there—CNN seems to be taking the lead this time…

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Rick Scott’s $200,000: Politifact’s Controlled Exposure Routine

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Story I Broke Months Ago Treated as New
Story I Broke Months Ago Treated as New

By Carl-John X Veraja

I’m sort of feeling all hurt inside.

Another story I broke months ago is being treated as if I never broke it by the mainstream media who have taken to evasion tactics when dealing with me so that they can keep delivering a bag of goods to the seemingly largely unsuspecting public.

Back on May 10th I broke the story of how Rick Scott got $200,000 from the Collier family and how he subsequently pulled strings galore for them.

Yeah, yawn, you’re just a blogger.

Now what seems like a controlled controversy is playing out in major news outlets around Florida after an ad was released about Rick Scott’s “possible” (ha) corruption.

Politifact jumped in and pulled the same game of “degrees of separation” they did when Rachel Maddow noted that a Koch-affiliated group had engineered the testing for drugs welfare scam that Rick Scott also employed as a way to rip off the public. Politifact’s reporting and research was so incompetent that I have to come to the conclusion that there was collusion. Otherwise, these are some seriously stupid people winning all these awards and such.

Rick Scott is good at ripping off the public–especially when the media helps out. Rick Scott helped rip Levy County off for over a billion bucks, for instance. This was noted by others, and confirmed by my research, and Politifact downplayed it to half-true.

Come on now–a massive feat of cleptocracy leaving the public holding the bag–and you come out with “half-true”?

Plus, Politifact had the gall to claim there was no evidence of pollution when the testing was all done behind closed doors, after months of stalling, and after multiple threats issued on the part of the DEP–all of which Politifact either idiotically or purposefully neglected to mention.

Things happen behind closed doors for a reason, Politifact.

What’s happening behind yours?

Ferguson MO: Another Manufactured Media Crisis?

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Carljohn Veraja:

Good data and insights here…

Originally posted on Memory Hole:

MunozBy Patrick Murphy

(Editor’s Note: This was initially submitted as a comment at MHB on August 19. Indeed, various reportage and analysis from independent media outlets [see, for example, here, here, and here] suggest that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security are actively involved in manipulating and aggravating the regrettable events in Ferguson, Missouri.

With this in mind, it should also be noted that a 2013 report from Judicial Watch revealed how the Department of Justice’s “Community Relations Service, was deployed to Sanford, FL, following the Trayvon Martin shooting to help organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman.” -JFT)

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The Messenger is Dead, Long Live the Message

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You know when you feel
like a pressure cooker
and every time someone
wants you to do something
it’s like they tried
to peek under the lid
and you warned them
like twenty times leave
the lid alone but noooo
they had to see what
was under the carefully
screwed on lid
didn’t they?
And the god damned
meal ain’t ready yet
everything in its time
asking someone
you want to rip apart
for a dime
over and over
ain’t smart
when their retirement
plan consists
of devouring your heart
when what was their soul
is a cyst with its own
pressure too
and it just takes
a pin prick
and they’re out
to kill you
family secrets
with psychos who need
strict routines
so badly they’ll
sabotage all of your
dreams building you
up just to watch you fall
and then spreading
poison all over
so there’s no one
to call and you’re
too sick at heart
to make the right moves
their perversion
worms its way into
your bones and grooves
and we’re such a great
actor but such
a bad host
your routines
are a web and your plans
produce ghosts,
and I know the truth
and you think
no one else will
but the truth
will take care of itself
when the water is still.

Life Among the Hypnotized

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From angel to devil
for telling the truth
then they won’t even look
at the proof
collaborate their hate
to help you fall
they depend on the ice shelf
and the leopard seal
needs to feed,
that’s all.

Ferguson Scenes and Brief Reflection

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This isn't what democracy looks like
This isn’t what democracy looks like

By Lou Saboter

Going back to Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidian massacre, the government has performed actions to turn public opinion onto the side of a police state. With mainstream media complicity, where the message of the state is repeated, and the victims are demonized, the public is being massaged into supporting oppressive police actions while the resistance is blamed for its reaction, told to be reasonable, accused of permitting crimes, and expected to go quietly home. This all with the express use of President Obama’s bully pulpit to subtly or not so subtly prompt such activity. Strangely enough, Obama lumped Ferguson and Iraq together in his speech. He painted his new military incursion into Bush’s “dumb war” (his words) as a humanitarian effort. And he urged the protestors to basically not protest so much. Just obey, maybe go home and watch CNN.

This is especially easy to do with targets who are already marginalized. Through the careful, timed release of materials through the media, public opinion is turned in the direction desired by the corporate and state power that has militarized the police.

When it’s time to seal the deal, bigger and bigger name celebrities jump into the discussion. Coincidentally, these are always very wealthy people who are against higher taxes. I recall how Bill Maher decided, in his vast reason, that it was time for Occupy Wall Street protestors to go home and get a job.

If you’re so stupid to buy into this crap, you have no idea what this country is about. That is the goal. To usher in multinational control, where the police will truly not be working for you at all but for a global system of domination. A serious review of the political and economic history of this country since the end of WWII will reveal this trend to you rather starkly.

Ferguson became a flashpoint and about much more than Michael Brown’s death, seemingly not at close range and so meeting the criteria for excessive force. Ferguson was also about militarized police, the dissolution of the Bill of Rights, ongoing racism, a photo op for oppression, a spectacle of the brainwashed sickness of mainstream media victims who continue to make excuses for their oppressors–especially if they’re comfortably in the wealthier classes.

It’s interesting how much differently people in other countries behave when the state imposes restrictions on them.

Americans are remarkably well behaved.

Yes, kill those people out there defending your rights.


Watch this a few times–you’ll get it!


Please review and remember how our country was founded. Despite the hypocrisies you can cite in our Founding Fathers, the ideals of the Bill of Rights are worth preservation. And that preservation can only occur through practicing those rights.

The police need to decide if they’re with the community or the forces of globalization.

I'm a Turbo Lover of the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights