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Rhetorically Deviant Rodrigues Comments Under Scrutiny (by us)

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Americans for Prosperity is a Koch Industries affiliate
Americans for Prosperity is a Koch Industries affiliate

In a recent Naples article, State Representative Ray Rodrigues claimed he was “mildly surprised” that his bill H.B. 157 was being framed as pro-fracking.

He also commented: “What’s unfortunate is those who have opposed us have framed this as a fracking bill, when it’s not. It’s a disclosure bill.”

Perhaps his surprise is mild because it’s public record that Rodrigues receives big oil campaign contributions and his campaign is run by Terry Miller of Strategic Advocacy, which is listed as a ALEC public relations firm by Sourcewatch.org?

What is clear is that it is a fracking bill that calls for a certain type of disclosure of the chemicals used in fracking. Disclosure that ultimately leaves the public out and ill-served if we are to consider the track record of previous fracking disclosure efforts and the elements of H.B. 157 itself.

On January 14th, 2014 FTP responded to a video of Ray Rodrigues presenting his fracking arguments to the Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee, and we are mildly surprised that Rodrigues hasn’t come up with a better line of argument than that a bill that controls the flow of information in regards to fracking is not about fracking.

Problems with these sorts of bills, which have their models elsewhere, is that, first of all, they don’t prevent fracking, but provide a PR marketing front to reduce public unease about it, keep secret some of the chemicals employed, have had issues where the companies doing the fracking fail to report all on all their wells, allow 60 day windows before reporting which enables further coverups, and are, of course, endorsed wholeheartedly by people like the Koch brothers, from whom if you look at the image on top, Rodrigues brags of getting top marks.

Also, the bill discloses that you now have poisoned water, soil and/or air. Congratulations. And how does this help you?

I’m not sure. But it helps Big Frack if you think being told you’re being endangered, while actually not told the whole story, helps you.

On the plus side, it would appear the future of the bill has entered some darkness.

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Tuning in with Freewriting

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Sometimes the trick to writing is just to do it while at other times gathering, forming, and analyzing ideas is more important. The horrifying whiteness of a page of blankness seems somehow to infect the mind of writers with its implications of the infinite, suggesting the terrifying prospect of their own nothingness. Freewriting is one way to overcome this confrontation with the ego and enables a writer to get beyond this guardian and enter the underlying, treasure-filled labyrinth of their vast imagination and soul.

Freewriting experiments often turn out to be interesting…eventually. All you do is sit there and write whatever comes to mind, and I mean whatever. For some, freewriting might at first take on this form:

OK. Can’t thing of anything. Yep. Still not thinking of anything. I’m hungry. This is BS. I think I will have a Snickers. Yeah. A Snickers. That would be great. Better check my smartphone. Obama is a great guy because he is black.

But eventually, you might produce something like this:

This saucer made me think of an eye. An owl’s eye. I’m seeing that owl. It is perched in a deep wood. The eyes of owls are not like my eyes. The owl sees its prey in the darkness. Perhaps I too see my prey in another darkness. And that darkness is my own mind.

It is all dictation.